Canco Woods

Greater Portland is lucky to have over 70 miles of public trails thanks to Portland Trails, and most are pet friendly.

Canco Woods is an important green-space in the Deering neighborhood. As an urban forest, it provides crucial habitat and travel corridors for birds and other animals. It also absorbs and filters stormwater. Thanks to a grant received from AARP many of the paths have been widened and hardened to make them much more accessible to people with wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and bicycles. Other updates include park benches and improved signage. Other paths remain a little less developed, so no matter what your situation, you can enjoy a nice hike through this wooded location in the middle of an urban area.

Ollie loves all the different types of trails at Canco Woods, and he knows some of his friends living at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland stop by to see if your next best friend is waiting for you! Maps proudly sponsored by Evergreen Credit Union.

canco woods trail

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