Evergreen Cemetery

Greater Portland is lucky to have over 70 miles of public trails thanks to Portland Trails, and most are pet friendly. 

The gorgeous Evergreen Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in Maine at 239 acres. Fall is the perfect time to explore the vibrant foliage and serenity of this historical place. Dogs, walkers, and bikers are all welcome along the paved and gravel trails through the cemetery and the extensive wooded network of trails behind it. Just make sure your furry friend is on a leash when in the cemetery, and that you stay on the trails blazed with colors. We recommend starting your journey at the Brentwood Farms Community Garden and finishing at the ponds to take in the scenery. Feel free to watch the ducks glide along, but please do not feed them.

Ollie decided to save one of his favorite trails for last. He knows that some of his friends at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland would love to meet and adventure with you! Maps proudly sponsored by Evergreen Credit Union.

evergreen cemetery trail

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