Supporting Older Adults: How to Provide Care When You Can’t Be Present

Older adults are at higher risk of COVID-19. Here are several ways to safely support your loved ones’ mental and emotional health.

couple cooking in kitchen

The Science of Food and Aging

Healthy eating is important at any age. But, during the aging process, diet can play a surprisingly major role in one’s vitality and longevity—perhaps even more so than genetics.

Resilience | A Conversation With Joan Benoit Samuelson

4 Steps for Creating Healthy Habits After Quarantine

If you experienced quarantine weight gain or mental health challenges during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Here are some tips for healthy habits after COVID-19.

Food As Prescription

Nutrition and Health: Can Food Be an Effective Prescription?

When hearing the term “healthy eating,” most imagine the familiar, colorful food pyramid of years past. Almost a decade ago, that pyramid shifted into a plate, giving far more real estate to veget…

Running Resilient: A Look Into the Longtime Career of Joan Benoit Samuelson

No one better exemplifies a life of vitality. At 63, Samuelson continues to embody the competitive spirit of an athlete.

Aging Positively: Psychology’s Connection to Aging

Staying mentally sharp equates to successful aging just as much as staying physically able does. Here’s how you can help keep your brain happy.

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